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Steps to Selling Your Home

  • Get professional Photos - The right photos will make a huge difference in getting you home noticed to buyers.

  • Market and show your home to buyers - Be sure to tell everyone you know your home is For Sale. The Realtor will do their part but don't be afraid to tell others and share any links, photos, MLS information you have from your Realtor.

  • Negotiate offers that come your way - Your Realtor is your go to negotiator and should be advising you on how to proceed with the buyer's Offer.

  • Review carefully and sign the offer - Just like any contract be sure to review the buyer's contract with a fine tooth comb. Your Realtor will assist you in this but the more eyes the better. Always read contracts!

  • Allow buyer to conduct inspections - The buyer's have a right to perform any and all inspections so be sure to allow this for a smooth process. You should be notified by your Realtor when all inspections are taking place.

  • Get ready to close your sale - You are almost at the end so be sure you be moved out by the closing date(unless otherwise noted).

  • Buyer's attorney and loan closer will create a closing disclosure, which shows the amount you'll get at closing(provided you have equity in your home). 

  • It's time to go to closing, sign final documents, allow buyer's lender to review and fund the loan then the attorney records the deed with the county courthouse and you have SOLD your home


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