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9 Questions You Must Answer to Successfully Prepare Your Home for Sale

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

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If you want to get top dollar for your home, you need it parade ready.

At EXP Realty, we understand that it can be overwhelming to prepare your home for sale, especially if this is your first time listing a home on the market. Together, your EXP agent will work with you to identify and rank home repairs and improvements that provide the best return. We can even suggest reputable landscapers, cleaners, and painters to ensure that your home’s first impression “wows” buyers.

Before you list your home for sale, it’s important to understand what makes your home a “10”. Here are nine questions you must answer to successfully prepare your home for sale. See this slideshow video - 10 Home Improvement Tips Before Selling.

9 Questions that Help Your Agent Understand Your Property and Lifestyle

The questions below are just a few that can help your agent market your home successfully and find the best qualified buyer in the shortest amount of time.

1. Was your property built before 1978?

Why 1978? That year marks the date when the federal government banned consumer uses of lead-based paint. If your home was built prior to 1978, it may be more likely to have lead-based paint. If you answer yes to this question, the next question is, “Have you or previous owners taken measures to remove the lead paint?”

2. What things have you enjoyed about the surrounding area?

More than two-thirds of home buyers indicate that the overall quality of a community is the most important factor when making their purchasing decision. In fact, the feature buyers are least likely to compromise on over time is the quality of and distance to area schools—a key feature of local communities. What other things have you enjoyed about your area? Common answers could be access to nearby walking trails, the natural landscape, or proximity to amenities.

3. What are the most special features of your home?

The number of beds and baths are obvious. What makes your home stand out from the rest of the neighborhood? Often, buyers are looking for specific features, like a primary bedroom on the main floor, FROGs, new furnace and A/C unit, or an in-wall doggie door. Outdoor features are important, as well. Are there outstanding elements to your landscaping or property?

4. What features of your home do you feel should NOT be highlighted?

This question isn’t meant to give you nefarious ideas. Serious buyers will uncover any significant flaws during a home inspection. Instead, it’s best to think critically of your property before listing it for sale. Don’t just think about the good things, but prepare yourself for questions about the less-than-appealing attributes of your home. Are you ready to have every nook and cranny analyzed?

5. What renovations and upgrades have you made to your home in the last five years?

Go room by room and list the date, description, and cost investment of all your updates. Don’t forget to consider the roof and windows, plumbing and electrical systems, room additions, and landscaping. Buyers like to hear what issues have been addressed in recent years. For one, that alleviates their concern about needing to make significant repairs shortly after buying. For another thing, it shows your dedication to maintaining and improving a quality home.

6. What changes would you make to your home’s style, condition, or staging in order to send it to the front of the line?

Consider this your to-do list. Possible changes could include everything from improving the economic condition or way the property shows (like springtime staging) to pricing, financing, or inclusions.

7. If you were to stay in your home another five years, is there anything you would do to your home?

Is it about time to re-tile the roof or switch out the hot water heater? Have you cleared, tilled, and leveled a section of your backyard, but never got around to putting in that stone patio you wanted? Some answers to this question could help you market the home. Others may just be important to keep in mind during price negotiations down the line.

8. What are the average monthly utilities and the costs of any existing maintenance contracts?

Is your home energy efficient? Do you currently have regular yard, pest, or security system fees? Does your HOA require any of these contracts? Having this recorded up front will help your agent move questions along. If those costs are considerably lower than average, it may pay to mention them when marketing your home.

9. What do you think might be the best headline or opening words for a flier about your home being for sale?

You know your home better than anyone. Help your agent jumpstart his or her marketing by making suggestions.

EXP Realty Can Help You with All Your Home Selling Questions!

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. We’re here to make sure you don’t need one.


All real estate is local. In order to make confident real estate decisions, we believe it is important for you to have timely and neighborhood-specific information. If you would like more information about buying a home in NC, our experts at EXP Realty are here to help. Contact us today to speak with a EXP agent about buying homes or land in North Carolina.


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