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Your RealtorⓇ can Help You Nail These 15 Home Services

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Home services - New hardwood flooring

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You’ve heard that it takes a village to raise a child. At EXP Realty, we also say that it takes a team to sell your home.

Our agents combine their market expertise with their community knowledge to get you top market value for your home. They have an average 15 years of full-service real estate experience. And in that time, they’ve developed relationships with many of the area’s top service professionals.

In our “What can Your Agent Help You With?” series, we’ve broken down 15 home services that your agent can help you with:

  • Asphalt Paving, Curbing, and Repair

  • Closing Attorneys

  • Fireplace Service and Repairs

  • Home Appraisals

  • Home Improvements

  • Home Staging

  • House Painting

  • Landscaping

  • Oil Tank Inspection

  • Property Surveys

  • Roofing Maintenance and Repair

  • Selling a Rental

  • Septic Services

  • Tile Installation

  • Well Inspection

men paving a driveway

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Asphalt Paving, Curbing, and Repair

If you haven’t followed our driveway maintenance tips, your curb appeal could be lacking. This could affect how many people view your home online and in person, as well as the quality of offers you receive. When properly maintained, asphalt is smooth, durable, and an attractive feature for your home. However, it does require regular care to make sure that small cracks don’t lead to big crumbles. Your agent can help you find pavers to improve the quality and safety of your driveway and walkways.

Attorney talking to a couple

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Closing Attorneys

All of your professional photography, marketing, open houses, and negotiating is for naught if you can’t close successfully with the buyers. Closing attorneys play a vital role in the transaction process, making sure all the legal I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed. After the due diligence period and when a purchase agreement or lending request has been made, they step in on behalf of the buyer, seller, or lender to make sure paperwork is complete and drafted in the best interest of their client.

A fireplace in a room

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Fireplace Service and Repairs

Tackling fireplace issues before you list your home could give you an edge in our competitive real estate market. And should extensive repairs need to be made, tackling them during the warm months means you won’t suffer from the cold while they’re being done. Many fireplace companies offer a wide variety of services for traditional wood burning, gas, and pellet stoves. Your real estate agent can help you find a licensed fireplace professional who will do a great job without breaking the bank.

Loan Officer talking with a couple

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Home Appraisals

Setting the correct list price is the most important decision homeowners make when selling a home. In a home sale, the appraisal is used to determine whether the home’s contract price is appropriate given the home’s location, permanent physical features and amenities, and current condition. Appraisers do a complete visual inspection of the interior and exterior of the home and note any conditions that adversely affect the property’s value, such as needed repairs. Your agent can help you find a home appraiser who will report on the details that mean the most to you.

man installing hardwood floors

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Home Improvements

If you think making random home improvements to your home will bring up its value on the market, think again. The value of renovations in your home sale are dependent upon several factors, including how long ago they were made and what features were updated. In fact, some renovations can even lower the resale value of your home. If you look around your house and you’re not sure where to start, a professional can help—and your agent can help you find the right one.

Home staging

Home Services Include Home Staging

Buyers use online search tools not only to select homes to view, but to eliminate those that don’t look appealing. Are you willing to run the risk of losing a potential buyer because your home lacks “web appeal”? Make sure your home is in optimal showing condition. In many cases, it’s the difference between a timely sale or a long, drawn-out process. Stage your home by clearing the clutter, maximizing the space, adding timeless decorative flourishes. Too overwhelmed by other tasks related to your home sale? Your agent can help.

man painting a home

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House Painting

If you’re selling your home, painting your house could go a long way to making it stand out in the market. But there’s no need to dig out your old overalls and splotchy sheets. Your real estate agent can help you find a painting professional who will do a great job in no time flat. In addition to interior and exterior painting, many house painters also offer related services, including power washing, color consulting, deck staining, and more. Your agent can help you find a house painter who specializes in the services that fit your needs.

Landscaping an area


The curb appeal of your home is important. It gives you an opportunity to impress home buyers long before they even get to the door. Boost your curb appeal by focusing on quality landscaping and hardscaping that matches the style of your home. Don’t forget about mending fences, checking for standing water, and inspecting your trees. Does that feel too daunting? Your agent can help you find a full-service landscaping professional to help you from the curb to your door.

Inspector reviewing a home

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Oil Tank Inspection

Like with fireplace repair, warm weather months can be the best of time the year to have your oil tank inspected. Buyers have many questions surrounding underground storage tanks (USTs), as well as above ground storage tanks (ASTs). But whether you have an AST or UST, regular maintenance by a licensed professional can save you money on fuel costs in the short run and potential big headaches in the long run. Most importantly, a site inspection can help protect you from the potential risks of legal and financial liability that come from petroleum leakage.

Getting a property survey

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Property Surveys

The first rule of real estate is knowing what you have. Property surveys let you draw a box around your property for sale and mark its relationship to surrounding lots. Property surveys are used for deeds, construction, or other legal documents related to land ownership or sale.

Survey reports also include restrictions on what may be built on a property, where new structures must be located, how large they can be, and the appropriate depths for building foundations.

Repairing a roof

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Roofing Maintenance and Repair

Before your home hits the market, it’s important to clear both the drains and the roof itself of any and all debris—safely, of course! Look for damaged flashing or other small issues that may lead to big problems down the line. In addition to making the curb appeal of your home look great, it will help prevent any backups that could lead to water inside or under the house. You’ll thank yourself later.

Homes for sale or rent

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Selling a Rental

Selling an investment property isn’t the same as selling your primary residence. If you have a duplex, a quadplex, or another property with several “units,” it’s likely that the buyer will also want to use it for rentals. But if you’re renting a single-family home, you could have all types of buyers interested in the purchase. After you talk to your renters, you may decide the home needs some repairs or small updates before hitting the market. Your agent can help you ensure that the property is “parade ready” for buyers and can you keep from taking a financial hit on the sale.

Man pumping out a septic tank

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Septic Services

There’s never a good time for issues with your septic system. Even well maintained systems require periodic inspections, pumping, and maintenance. And different septic specialists offer different services, including professional-strength products that help you take care of some of the initial maintenance yourself. Will we help you dig up an overflowing septic with our own two hands in time for your open house event this Sunday? Absolutely not. But we will help you find the best person to call!

Man installing tile

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Tile Installation

Are there a couple cracked floor tiles in your bathroom? Is your kitchen backsplash a little loose? Broken tiles are an easy thing for a home buyer to notice. But they’re also easy to fix! It’s important to replace any broken tiles and recaulk or grout where needed. If tiling is not your forte, or if it’s part of a larger project, your agent can help you find a professional who will get the job done right!

A home with a well

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Well Inspection

When it comes to shared groundwater, even well-kept well water systems can experience issues or contamination. If you’re selling your home, it’s important to check the quality of your well water before the buyer does, so that you can head off any issues. Have a qualified inspector check the state of the well, the rest of the water system, and the water itself. But don’t forget—you’re not in this alone! Your agent can help you find the best inspector for your home.


All real estate is local. In order to make confident real estate decisions, we believe it is important for you to have timely and neighborhood-specific information. If you would like more information about buying a home in NC, our experts at EXP Realty are here to help. Contact us today to speak with a EXP agent about buying homes or land in North Carolina.

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