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The Ultimate Home Care Checklist for Starting Your Summer Right

Summer is supposed to be about sunny days, crisp nights, and magical evenings with the people closest to you. It’s not supposed to be about roasting in your living room while you wait for a repair guy because your home’s air conditioner couldn’t take the heat.

Don’t let unexpected home repairs ruin your season. Start your annual warm weather home care now, and be ready before summer begins! Here is your ultimate summer home care checklist:


Boost Your Curb Appeal

1. Pull out the Pressure Washer

After a leafy fall, soggy winter, and pollinated spring, your home’s exterior could use a little TLC. Remove dirt, mildew, and stains by pressure washing the sides of your home. Don’t forget to cover windows, electrical sockets, and plants before you begin.

2. Check Your Roof

After finishing the exterior walls of your home, grab a ladder and (safely!) check the roof. Look for damaged flashing or other small issues that may lead to big problems down the line. You’ll thank yourself later.

3. Clean the Gutters

While you have the ladder out, give your gutters a quick clean. Remove any debris from last fall, as well as buildup of spring twigs and blossoms. This is an important step in preparing your home for summer storms, and it’s best to do when it’s warm and sunny.

4. Touch up Exterior Paint

Did you notice any chipped paint when you were pressure washing the house? Take advantage of low-humidity days to touch up any areas requiring attention.

5. Clean and Inspect Porches, Patios, Walkways, and Driveway

First thing’s first—check for cracks and weeds along your driveway, walkways, or patio. Once those are taken care of, pressure wash concrete areas or deep clean wood and tiles.

6. Check the Fences

Ensure your privacy and the safety of pets or children. Whether you have chain link or the quintessential white picket kind, summer is a great time to inspect and repair your fencing. Consider staining or painting stockade fencing to prolong its life and make maintenance easier next year.

7. Look for Standing Water

After a good hard rain, walk around your home and look for areas of standing water. Adjust your home’s downspouts or add new drainage. This can help prevent standing water from seeping into your home, as well as deter mosquitos and other summer pests.

8. Inspect Your Trees

Prevent damage from summer storms by identifying and removing unhealthy tree limbs now. Check for limbs growing over your roof, driveway, or other areas that could cause property damage, as well.

9. Focus on Your Gardens

Summer is the season of growth! Add a layer of fresh mulch to gardens and landscaping. Not only does it help make your landscaping look fresh, but it keeps weeds from growing and helps the ground retain moisture in the summer heat.

10. Inspect Your Hoses

Whether you use them for gardening or for summer playtime, having a working hose is an important part of your summer experience. Check now for leaks, and repair or replace if necessary.