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The 9-Step Plan to Increase Your Home Value

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

There are so many home updates you can make to put more money in your pocket, but here are the top 9 tips on how to maximize home value:

When considering your listing's potential, it can feel overwhelming to consider all the possible upgrades you want to do to get the most money out of your home sale, but this 9-step plan will set you in the right direction.

While you’re living in your home, it’s all about creating memories with the ones you love. As soon as you list your home, it’s time to pack up those memories and focus on all the ways to increase your sale price! There are so many home updates you can make to put more money in your pocket.

Here are the top 9 tips for how to maximize your house sale and add value to your home:

1. Give your landscaping some love It’s not just what’s on the inside that counts. First impressions make or break a home sale and increasing your curb appeal goes a long way towards boosting that initial impression. Tend to your garden: mulch, clean up your edges, pull the weeds. Don’t have any garden? Plant a few flowers or a lower-maintenance choice like cactus!

2. Update fixtures

Fixtures like sconces and chandeliers are opportunities to modernize your home and change the entire feel of your home. It’s one of the best investments to make in terms of up-front costs: you can invest very little to gain huge returns on your home value and highlight current trends. Simple, classic designs are great choices because of their mass appeal, but small pops of color or unique pieces can add lots of character if used sparingly throughout the home.

3. Invest in appliances

Updating your home doesn’t just apply to design – it applies to ease of use, too. Equipping your home with modern technology is a must if you’re thinking about a potential home sale… and it’s also an investment you’ll never regret making! Hi-tech appliances like smart fridges, smart TVs, sleek coffee or espresso machines – these increase your quality of daily life as well as your bottom line.

4. Make needed repairs

If you prioritize design above functionality, you will be leaving money on the table. Potential buyers need to have confidence in the foundations of your home or they will not be able to envision themselves living there. That means everything needs to work the way it should: faucets don’t leak, decks don’t sag… you get the idea. Check your roof, your HVAC, and move your way down the list in search of necessary repairs.

If ‘HVAC repairs’ sound expensive, don’t be alarmed! Curbio has a fix-now-pay-at-closing financial model, meaning updates don’t cost you a PENNY until you sell your home. Get your estimate today!

5. Finish unfinished spaces

If you’ve been waiting for a sign to finish your basement… this is it. If you have a space in your home that doesn’t serve a specific purpose or function, it’s a red flag in the eyes of a buyer. Your home value will skyrocket just by clearly defining each space in your home. Convert the ‘catch-all room’ to an extra bedroom or home office and transform an unfinished basement into a family den – and then sit back and let the offers roll in.

6. Focus on your kitchen

Kitchens, without a doubt, are the heart of the home. That means that they are the first thing potential buyers look to when considering a home purchase and one of the best investments you can make to increase home value. Is it functional? Is it spacious? Is it sleek? If your kitchen is relatively contemporary, consider smaller upgrades like new hardware to set you apart. But if your kitchen is dated, in need of love, or under-functional, you should seriously consider a kitchen renovation to dramatically increase your potential profit.

7. Open your floor plan

A spacious, open living area is an absolute requirement in today’s real estate market. Floor plans with excessive walls and doorways inhibit a communal feeling and don’t tend to have lots of natural light, which is a huge deterrent to your home value. Consider demolishing some of the non-load-bearing walls in your home to bring a fresh, vibrant energy to your living space.